PlumeJoy ~ We. Deliver. Joy!


PlumeJoy was crafted with a commitment to consistently deliver high quality products and services to our patrons living in locations throughout the world.

We originated in the summer of 2016 with a purpose and goal to provide a superior customer web purchasing experience while delivering a tremendous overall value for our patrons.  Through our website and other online portals, we engage directly with our clients on the latest trends, fragrances and techniques.  This continuous method of collaboration helps in routinely offering our fresh, new and innovative products and services for purchase and delivery.

Our Founder and CEO, Derrick Canady has several years of professional experience in Sales, Marketing and Communication.

 Additionally, he has earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Mr. Canady has personally experienced the highs and lows of these turbulent economic times.  To better withstand the stresses of the extraordinary economic crash of 2008, Mr. Canady chose to work independently with the driver service company, Uber to help stabilize his family’s financial well being.  Maximizing his time as a driver, he conceptualized an ambitious Internet model that was crafted and designed though conversing with some of his select riders. In time, Mr. Canady recognized that he regularly had a captive audience of industry leaders, executives and decision makers within earshot throughout their trips.  With his keen sense of awareness, he was able to take full advantage of these one-to-one opportunity and employ his natural “gift of gab”.  This skill allowed for regular "deep-dive" discussions on strategy, methodology and emphasis of business with the many industry influencers he spent valuable stretches of time while on their long airport runs. Mr. Canady would tactfully inquire about guidance, counsel and recommendations regarding his concept.  Ultimately, through respectful and discreet exchanges through the aid and encouragement of these essential collaborators; the concept of PlumeJoy was hatched.

Undoubtedly, we are passionate about creating and maintaining well-balanced relationships with our patrons. Our purpose is to exceed your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or simply, where we can improve.  At PlumeJoy, “We. Deliver. Joy!”